Brent Nk
Brent Nkomo
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Professional Summary

Highly self-motivated software engineer with experience in application architecture, mentorship, and process improvement. Led by example from within a self-managing team to grow and mentor junior developers. Increased application release cadence from 2 times/month to 2+ times/day. Successfully architected and launched modernized version of legacy application.

Engineering Team LeadGo · Kotlin · Python · Javascript/Typescript + React · Protocol Buffers + gRPC · GraphQL
Dec 2018 to Jan 2020

Presented business case to executive leadership for platform rewrite focusing on value to company, optimal use of current and future use of developer resources, and hireability.

Contributed core platform code focusing on providing a consistent API surface for all layers of the application, maintaining consistent code semantics, and planning for future extensibility.

Led 1-on-1 and team mentorship sessions with junior developers focusing on overall code best practices, code organization, and Go specific idioms,syntax, and patterns. Trained 5 developers over 6 months while maintaing legacy application.

Devops/SREKubernetes · ArgoCD · Python · Bash · Docker · GCS/AWS
Sept 2016 to Jan 2020

Designed and implemented gitops based CICD workflow with a focus on current and past system state, introspection, and "correctness" allowing developers to release code with a single git commit.

Migrated legacy PHP/Vagrant application developer environment to containerized setup reducing developer onboarding time from +1 weeks to 2-3 hours while reducing environment drift.

Designed and implemented automated build and testing pipeline using Jenkins and Docker building off of newly containerized legacy application.

Planned and executed migration from single host bare-metal production setup to a cloud environment (K8s on AWS) with a focus on reducing the technical knowledge needed for releasing enabling code to be shipped weekly instead of monthly.

Identified key application bottlenecks and single points of failure during major outage. Worked with senior developers, product, and platform support to setup appropriate alerting and contingency plans. Implemented changes brought the platform uptime from 75% to 99%.

Solutions Architect
Sept 2017 to Jan 2020

Held application architecture learning sessions for frontend and backend teams with a strong focus on asynchronous processing, concurrency, and basic resource management.

Built 3 proof-of-concept containerized "micro" services to lead discussion on breaking down the monolithic legacy application. The goal being to increase code understanding and lower the high barrier to development work while working on unfamiliar parts of the application.

Managed high-level architecture of platform covering all aspects of the application lifetime from ideation to code organization to deployment.

Conducted regular research on technologies to reevaluate design and technology choices. Wrote simple spikes to serve as discussion starters.

Denver, CO
Sept 2016 to Jan 2020
Student (data science)Python · ScikitLearn · Docker
May 2016 to Aug 2016

Python focused environment applying machine learning tools from linear regressions to ensemble methods to neural networks.

Denver, CO
May 2016 to Aug 2016
Operations AnalystMicrosoft Dynamics (X++) · PowerBI · Python
Jul 2015 to May 2016

Analyze manufacturing process to identify gaps and opportunities.

Worked alongside CO, manufacturing floor managers, and in-house devs to implement cross departmental solutions with a focus on data centralization and visibility.

Contributed code to in-house Dynamics platform and implemented a self-updating floor dashboard using SQL Server, PowerBI, and Python.

Ouray Sportswear
Denver, CO
Jul 2015 to May 2016